Raspberry PI Robot Navigation Experiment

After installing the HMC5883L I wanted to try some simple navigation experiments.

Experiment 1 should go like this:

1. Move forward a little
2. Rotate 90 degrees
3. Move forward a little
4. Go back to the start point (distance and heading, get calculated)

As you can see it was not really a success but better than nothing. You may notice that it moves a little slowly. This is because before every action it takes 3 sensor readings (heading from the HMC5883L and distance from a HC-SR04) with a little pause in between and then take the mean of the 3 readings. This is especially noticeable at the end because there it additionally has to wait for the distance signal to come back because there are no books blocking the way.

This allows the robot to cope a little better with inacurate sensor information. The next thing that I plan to do is to take the sensor readings constantly from 2 processes (one for heading and one for distance) and apply some kind of filter (probably kalman).
This should allow for some more smoothing of the sensor readings and probably a better performance.

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